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How To Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Do you make time for the things that bring you the most joy?

Or, do you feel that most of your time is spent battling your to do list?

Today I’m going to share a simple series of questions you can use to increase the level of en-joy-ment in your life. If you’d like to create more room for joy in your life, please, take a few minutes to do this exercise.

If you’re driving, or in a place where you can’t write your answers, I’ve put the questions in the show notes (below) for you to return to later.

Mentioned in this episode:

5 Questions to Create More Joy in Your Life

  • What do you need to be YOU?
  • What are the things YOU LOVE to do? That restore you?
  • What are the things YOU RESENT doing?
  • How can you approach this with more ease? So it’s more natural to you?
  • How can you infuse the things you resent with the energy of what you love?

Please let us know how your shift is going by leaving a note in the comments below this post.

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