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Jenna Smith: The Joy of Living From Your Heart

Jenna Smith knows the power of living from your heart.

When Jenna Smith was a young woman, her life became very complicated. She faced notable challenges at home, and was living in physical pain from a car accident. When she was told that that was it, she would have to live with pain, it didn’t make sense to her.

Jenna embarked on a journey of inquiry, following her truth to change her reality.

In this broad-ranging conversation about shamanism, heart-centred living, masculine and feminine energy, personal responsibility and boundaries, Jenna and Laura explore how true wisdom starts with going within in order to go out into the world.

Jenna Smith is an Ontological Coach, Spiritual Psychotherapist and Shamanic Intuitive. The Creator of the ‘You are the Manual’ online program, Jenna runs an international business coaching, counseling and running Shamanic retreats from her home by the shore of Lake Huron.

Her mission is to reconnect people to their unshakeable center, where all authentic knowing lives. Through understanding and integrating how to use our mind, body, heart, and spirit intelligence systems, we can get out of the muck of confusion and into our truth, purpose, power and JOY.

Episode highlights

  • Jenna shares the story of what let her to question how can we be here, enjoy who we are, and do that as a means of success in the world. (02:16)
  • Jenna explains Shamanism and how it helps you get out of your head into your body. (09:58)
  • Why we need to get out of our heads into our bodies to access our inner wisdom. (13:43)
  • Jenna and Laura discuss what “Heart Centred Living” means beyond a marketing tagline. (16:56)
  • The difference between feeling in the body and emotion (20:12)
  • The wisdom of your instincts and intuition, also known as feminine energy. (21:26)
  • The power of tapping in to both the feminine and masculine energy (25:43)
  • Why it’s best to treat the entrepreneur journey as a spiritual journey (27:15)
  • Why traditional self help – just do it, powering through – is helpful when you need to get going, but is not sustainable over the long term (30:56)
  • Tools to get out of your muck to get tuned in to align your action with your energy (34:33)
  • Why leaders are having to take more responsibility (35:43)
  • Heart breathing – a quick tool to access your heart centre to connect your mind and your body in under 2 minutes (37:33)
  • The connection between self care and your mind-body-heart-spirit system (39:56)
  • Why people falter when it comes to self care (44:37)
  • Why giving from overflow is key, especially for big-hearted people (49:41)
  • Getting started with boundaries if you’re over-giving (50:12)
  • Why people will secretly thank you for having and enforcing your boundaries (53:59)

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