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Culty Concerns About Coaching with Jenny and Mark

Personal experience surviving spiritual and therapeutic abuse led Jenny Cornbleet and Mark Futterman to study cult dynamics and undue influence with a variety of experts in the field.

In the process, they recognized that cult dynamics run rampant in our society and are particularly prevalent in the self-help and coaching industries.

Jenny and Mark now bring an anti-cult approach to all their work, with a knowledge that breaking free from undue influence is key to living authentically and doing what matters most.

Jenny Cornbleet and Mark Futterman are instructional designers, coaches, and consultants. They help people discover what they most want to express through life and work, live according to their values, and make their projects as impactful as possible.

Conversation highlights

  • Jenny and Mark break down their experience of large group awareness training (LGAT) tactics that are invasive and inappropriate so you can learn the tactics and
  • Strategies to pay attention to language used and get a glimpse behind the indoctrination curtain
  • Powering through: the potential problem with getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • When it feels more dangerous to leave than to stay.
  • Controlling practices that have made their way into norm in the self help industry
  • Indoctrination and the gradual erosion of your better judgment and critical thinking.
  • Coaching as a permission based conversation
  • Towards consumer awareness: this is what will drive the market
  • Cult dynamics IRL: Jenny and Mark share examples of when they were convinced to act against their instincts.
  • How cults are changing in digital times.

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