Jill Castle - Nourishing Tomorrow Leaders

Jill Castle: Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Jill Castle says every child, from toddler to teen, wants some level of autonomy and agency.

She says it’s all very normal, but it can throw parents for a loop.  It’s difficult for parents to know in their heart that they are struggling, and not know where to get help.

In this episode, Jill Castle and Free Your Inner Guru® host Laura Tucker talk about the dance between getting what you need as a parent, raising an independent, autonomous child, and how systemic change is needed to raise more physically and psychologically empowered humans.

Meet Jill Castle:

Jill is one of North America’s premier child nutrition experts. Known as a paradigm shifter who blends current research, practical application and common sense, Jill inspires audiences to think differently about child nutrition and feeding kids.

A sought-after speaker, advisor, and media contributor, Jill has inspired TEDx, government, medical and parent audiences. She serves on the Board of Advisors of Parents Magazine, and a handful of privately held child nutrition companies.

Jill is the author of Try New Food, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids, Eat Like a Champion, and co-author of Fearless Feeding. She pens The Nourished Child® blog, is the voice behind a popular podcast of the same name, and regularly contributes to US News & World Report’s For Parents.

Conversation highlights:

  • Jill shares how she became a pediatric nutritionist and her subsequent challenge of having a child who was not interested in eating.
  • The powerful impact media and marketing has on children and their parents.
  • The role of a parent’s intuition in guiding your child’s nutrition.
  • Jill’s biggest frustration about nutrition.
  • Avoiding overwhelm: why the breaking it down into what you CAN do works.
  • Changes Jill would like to see in the North American nutrition culture.
  • How Jill works with nutritionists and dietitians to have a broader impact as a leader.

Memorable quotes from Jill Castle:

“You have to know your child. I ate my humble pie and learned a lot. I had seven years of education and training in my field, and I struggled. What is it like for parents with no education, training and experience feeding children?”

“I have great compassion and experience for parents who are struggling.”

“I would like to see companies and corporations offering this kind of education to their employees. They are working parents. They don’t have the time to go see a nutritionist if they have a problem.”

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