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John Larson: Make Coaching Better

John Larson wants to transform coaching from “all conversation” to something more tangible and meaningful in the world. 

John Larson is the founder of CoachAccountable, a powerful tool designed to make coaching better, and bring it to the mainstream.

In this high energy conversation, John shares how his own personal development journey led him to create CoachAccountable, a platform that turns coaching into documented wisdom.  John’s enthusiasm for his work is unparalleled, and he’s got an inspiring entrepreneurial journey to share.

Conversation highlights
  • John Larson shares his introduction to the self help industry through Landmark Forum and his subsequent desire to make coaching more reliable and tangible.
  • How that desire led to creating CoachAccountable to bridge the gap in between powerful coaching conversations.
  • The entrepreneurial journey between the 2009 launch of version 1 to crickets, to the successful launch of version 2 in 2012.
  • How Laura found CoachAccountable and it became her main business tool.
  • Laura and John on why people think self help programs are “cult-y”.
  • Why Facebook Groups are a terrible business tool for coaching.
  • Why being oblivious to your competitors makes for doing your best work.
Memorable quote

“As a culture, coaching’s not a known quantity. If we can get to the point to where the most hard-nosed bean counter can look at the outcomes of any given coaching engagement and think that just makes sense, then we’re in a good place.”

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