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The Right Plan B Will Set You Free

How can you create a Plan B that lets you relax, enjoy your summer, and set yourself free?

The best thing about summer can be the worst thing for your results.

Have you been there? Have you been at the point where even the things you enjoy the most become overwhelming?  At the point where you’re wondering how you’re going to sustain this?

Welcome to my world this week – playing catch-up after a wonderful week in New York City and Niagara on the Lake.

Today’s Free Your Inner Guru episode is for you if you find summer disrupts your routines in your life or business.   Who am I kidding – it doesn’t have to be summer for routine and structure to be thrown by the wayside.  It’s for you if you are overwhelmed by your To Do List on a regular basis.

Constantly playing catch-up is overwhelming. Listen now to hear the story of how one of my clients had a breakthrough when we shifted her priorities by creating a Plan B.

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