This Podcast Thing’s All Right, But In Real Life is Better

This Podcast Things All Right But In Real Life is Better

This podcast thing is all right, but I found out this week “in real life” is better.

As I was collecting my thoughts before sitting down to record, I happened to glance up at the time and date on my computer screen.  In that moment I realized that it’s 7 months to the day since the release of the first Free Your Inner Guru episode.

Last week, I sponsored an event in Ottawa, Ontario called Money, Mindset and Marketing. Ottawa is a 4-5 hour drive or one hour flight from Toronto, where I live. Part of being a sponsor is having a booth, which meant I had to do something with an 8×10 space to represent the podcast.

My intention for the event was that in the room of about 350 people, I would connect with people who would resonate with the podcast.

I was looking forward to seeing friends and contacts who I have existing relationships with – from attending the event in previous years. And I was super excited to see online friends “in real life”.

And then, something unexpected happened. One by one, people I have never met ,but who have been listening to the podcast approached me at the booth. They told me they were listening to the podcast. I listened as they shared what they like and even love about it. They spoke about the impact it is having in their lives, and that they look forward to new episodes.  One woman had a poignant observation about me personally.

I was utterly astonished.

Podcasting is a funny medium. Most listeners receive the episodes on a mobile device and listen from the privacy of their life, at a time and place that suits them.  I listen to most of my podcasts while I’m doing my hair and makeup! Unless listeners click over to the website to leave a comment, send in an email or interact in our Facebook Group, the only built-in feedback mechanism is iTunes reviews.

Listen to this week’s episode, or download the transcript to find out what is in store – in real life – for Free Your Inner Guru in the near future.

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