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Shaun Proulx: Feeling Happier is a Thought Revolution Away

Media personality and talk radio show host Shaun Proulx has a great big heart – and he shares a piece of it with us in this episode of the Free Your Inner Guru Podcast.

When Shaun Proulx and I sat down to record this interview, we had a list of topics and found that neither one of us felt like speaking about anything other than our thoughts and feelings about current events this week with the loss of two highly talented creatives like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

Shaun opens up about own his experience of living a public life and what led him to create a “Thought Revolution.”  Shaun believes it is time that we stop stigmatizing our humanity.  The words Thought Revolution came out of his mouth during a CBC interview.  After the strength of the audience’s response, Shaun knew that a Thought Revolution was needed  – not just for himself.  He has dedicated his life and his work to sharing the power of living consciously with others.

“I know that the only thing I’ve done that has proven to be consistently successful is that the thoughts I think on the subjects that are important to me create my reality… The thoughts we have in our heads are the only things we can control.”

Listen to this episode to hear Shaun Proulx share his perspective on:

  • Why success is not doing what other people thing you should be doing.
  • What we can learn from our shock when people who appear to have it all – like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain – commit suicide.
  • The things people give up when they have a public life.
  • How Shaun’s journey living with HIV taught him that something you try to keep private begins to carry the weight of a secret.
  • The best part of making your dreams come true.
  • How he deals with fear.
  • Why we have to take the things we don’t like and appreciate them.
  • The 3 things Shaun does each day to cultivate to “tune my dial” and align himself with joy.
  • Why he is a little bit jealous of you if you’re just starting out. 🙂

Shaun Proulx is one of the most versatile talents in media and entertainment with credits as a television personality and host, producer, radio host, motivational speaker, columnist, author, publisher, actor, live event host, spokesperson, life coach, and activist for the issues of mental health, animal rights, and HIV stigma.  Shaun hosts the weekly SiriusXM talk show, The Shaun Proulx Show, on Canada Talks channel 167.

Mentioned in this episode:

Shaun’s heartfelt article What Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain Teach Us

If you need immediate help:

CAMH Crisis Resources Page – Toronto and Surrounding Area

CTV News – Mental Health in Canada – Where to get help

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