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AdaPia D’Errico: Productive Intuition

AdaPia D’Errico is a global visionary leader, entrepreneur, investor, powerful keynote speaker, and author of Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle.

AdaPia D’Errico has co-founded businesses, launched brands, and re-defined industries. She is a respected fintech entrepreneur and real estate investment executive known for her role in launching the estate crowdfunding industry into the mainstream.

Challenge is the teacher. From leaving her first marriage to a viral Goalcast video gone wrong, AdaPia shares her multi-year journey to connect with her inner authority. Her book, Productive Intuition is a powerful resource for learning how to connect with and harness the power for your inner guru.

We begin with AdaPia’s story and quickly moves into an exploration of the light and dark sides of leadership, corporate life, and the transformation industry. Next up are strategies you can use to become more integrated in your approach to life, and why everybody doesn’t need to become a coach for a new paradigm of leadership to emerge.

Conversation highlights

  • The truth that comes in moments of anger and frustration.
  • The darker side of leadership when a leader abdicates their sense of responsibility.
  • What it means to be sovereign.
  • Honoring periods of transition.
  • What is “Productive Intuition?”
  • Interoception – stopping to notice how you feel.
  • The difference between emotional, physical, and energetic “feelings.”
  • A new paradigm for leadership: open, authentic, and willing to admit it doesn’t know everything.

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