Adit Margaliot Your Brain on Self Care

Dr Adit Margaliot: Your Brain on Self Care

Dr Adit Margaliot’s journey as a medical doctor has been to question dogma, break away from stale thinking, and listen to her inner wisdom.

Dr Adit Margaliot is an MD who specialized in neurology and neuromuscular disorders. After years of listening to her patients struggle with their neurological conditions, and their sleep, she wanted to better understand this problem and how to help them manage it.

She went on to study sleep medicine and obtain her designation as a specialist in the field. This was a start to her exploration of how lifestyle impacts health and disease. More recently she has been formally studying functional medicine, an approach that seeks to identify the core triggers and contributors to ill health on a systems-based approach, and how to allow the body to heal through nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress management etc.

Incorporating these principles into her practice, and emphasizing a collaborative relationship with her patients, has brought a deep sense of energy and joy to her work. In the process of building a practice that aligns with her values and goals, Dr Margaliot has learned the importance of questioning dogma, breaking away from stale patterns of thinking, and listening to one’s inner wisdom.

Conversation highlights:

I love this conversation because A) I learned a ton, and B) as an avid pursuer of all things alternative therapy, everything seems to be coming together to form a picture of why proactive maintenance can make a very real, quantifiable difference in how we experience our body – and consequently life – over the long term.

As I was listening and preparing this episode, I was reminded of an anti drug ad campaign that ran in the 1980s. At the beginning of the ad, a whole egg is held up to “This is your brain.”, Then it’s cracked into a hot frying pan to “This is your brain on drugs.”

If I were to summarize today’s episode it would be to show the egg in the frying pan as “This is your brain.” And then roll it in reverse, back up into the whole egg while saying “This is your brain on self care.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather my brain be the whole egg.

As Dr Margaliot says at the very end, it’s important to get the message out!

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