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The Urgent Need for Conscious Leadership

In a reversal of roles, Free Your Inner Guru host Laura Tucker shares her thoughts about Conscious Leadership in an interview with Nina Grenningloh Reyes of Communications Rebel and Radio Regent’s The Women’s Hour.

Highlights from this episode:

“Initially the podcast was about me having a voice.  I spoke about things like survivors guilt and the healing journey.  As it has evolved, I’m having people on who I consider to be conscious leaders for interviews.  I want it to be a soft landing place for people to come and hear what an authentically conscious, not ego-based leader looks like, sounds like, feels like.”

“You don’t need to go to a retreat to become a conscious leader.  You may benefit from a day, a week, a retreat or a workshop to carve the time out the time in your busy life for reflection or learning.  The real growth comes from how well you integrate the learning back into your life.”

“In this day and age we are all being shown examples of more narcissistic styles of leadership.  I’m hoping the historical perspective will be that it was a time where we woke up, where we saw this is not to our liking, and that I did the work to become a strong voice. Everything counts.  Because how we are in our immediate surroundings gets reflected out onto the world.”

Listen to hear Laura’s perspective on:

  • The difference between authentic leadership and Conscious Leadership.
  • Why there is a need for an alternative approach to leadership.
  • What reclaiming your voice has to do with becoming a conscious leader.
  • Obstacles and challenges we face when we connect to our inner guru.
  • Conscious leadership as a daily habit.
  • Is there a relationship between conscious leadership and gender?
  • How we can reconcile the notion of looking inwards vs freeing our inner guru.

About the Nina Grenningloh Reyes

Nina Grenningloh Reyes is the force behind Communications Rebel.  Nina helps changemakers and social innovators tell their story to accelerate social change.

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