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What Fearless Girl Tells Us About Fear

Fearless Girl has a lot to teach us about our relationship with fear.

There’s a new girl in town and she is stirring things up.

It was the day before my milestone birthday.  A text message came in from the original fearless girl in my life.  It was my mother, asking me if we were going to take in the new sculpture known as Fearless Girl.   Another trip to the Financial District where she is located hadn’t been in our plans.  But I’ve learned two things over time with regards to my mother and New York City.  The first is obvious – pay attention to what your mother says.  The second is about the impermanence of things.  The sculpture, like another famous New York landmark, might not be there the next time you go.

We set out on a rainy trek to Bowling Green at the base of Broadway, where Fearless Girl and Charging Bull are located.  I did not expect to be affected by what I saw when we arrived.  I was wrong.

The faces of the people surrounding Fearless Girl were radiant.  One young girl after another took a cheek to cheek selfie while their smiling parents looked on.  On the surface, the sculpture appears to be the benevolent agent of a much needed message.

But Fearless Girl is also creating controversy because of her origin and position in relationship to Charging Bull, another iconic New York sculpture.

In today’s episode, we explore the origin of both sculptures, their importance as public art, and how life for all of us would be better if we all experienced less fear.

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