The Unexpected Way Tony Robbins Inspired the Free Your Inner Guru® Podcast

The Unexpected Way Tony Robbins Inspired the Free Your Inner Guru® Podcast

Seeing Tony Robbins live was a life-changing experience – one I’m grateful to have had. But it didn’t inspire me in the usual way.  Instead of leaving me feeling good, I was deeply unsettled.

I was initially drawn to personal development and self help to support my success in business just like many entrepreneurs. And, like many of us, that led to a spiritual journey – a quest to be the best version of myself.

Little did I know, my quest would lead me to the darkest and most significant challenge of my adult life.

The short story is that I was at a self-help / spiritual retreat in 2009 when three participants lost their lives. The long story, if it interests you, is the subject of the documentary Enlighten Us.

I shut down my very new coaching practice after that horrific event, and avoided all things spiritual and self help for over five years.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded how important it is to have big conversations about what healthy self-help looks like by none other than Tony Robbins.

If you’re a consumer of self-help – even the most popular or benign kind – you must cultivate and learn to use your discernment.

In today’s Free Your Inner Guru, we start to look at how we are each responsible for navigating our own life – for choosing your values, and aligning with others who share them.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Psychologist Jessica Tracy’s fascinating book  Take Pride – Why the Deadliest Sin Holds the Secret to Human Success

Here’s what an audience of 15,000 looks (and sounds!) like:

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