Welcome to the First Episode of Free Your Inner Guru Podcast

Welcome to the First Episode of Free Your Inner Guru

Welcome to Free Your Inner Guru – Podcast Episode #1 !

A very special welcome to you for joining me for this first episode of Free Your Inner Guru.  In today’s inaugural episode, we kick things off with the story behind why I decided to create this podcast and how it got its name.

You have a guru inside of you – It’s the source of your voice, power, and inspiration.

When you free your inner guru, you won’t have to look outside of yourself for answers any more.

Sounds easy, right? Well maybe it’s easy for some people.  When it comes to living a life that’s guided by your truth and intuition, it’s often easier said than done.

The focus of this show is to have big, REAL conversations about personal development, entrepreneurship, spirituality and the self help industry because they are all intertwined.  Sometimes I’ll be on my own, sharing stories and insights from my experience.  Other episodes will be interviews with people I have met along the way who have their perspective to share.

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