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Your Inner Voice Is The Only Authority You Need

Your Inner Voice is always there, ready speak – even when you’re not ready – or are unable – to hear it.

You may doubt yourself and look outward for answers, but your Inner Voice is the only authority you will ever need.

If you’re on a personal growth and consciousness-raising journey, at one point or another you will learn to discern the wisdom of your Inner Voice from all the outer influences in your life.

We get lessons in day-to-day life.  Sometimes we are given more dramatic, and life-changing examples of how important it is to listen to the wisdom of our Inner Voice.  The number one thing you can do to be self-defined and self-governed is to learn to tune in to its frequency.

Your Inner Voice is always there.

It’s always ready to speak – even when we are not ready to hear it, or able to listen.

One of the first things to understand if you want to access the wisdom of your Inner Voice is the difference between your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

In today’s podcast, I share what I do to gain clarity, so you can use it to determine what is good and right and true for you.

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