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Kelly Greer: Women Get Results When They Look After Their Mind, Body and Spirit

Kelly Greer is the owner of Nutrigal and a registered dietician who knows that women get results when they look after their mind, body and spirit.

A special message for the men in our audience: Guys, this 40 minute conversation is for you, too! You have women in your life and listening to this podcast will help you understand what the heck is going on with your mother, sister, daughter, wife, partner, employees. If it’s difficult for women to get accurate information about the changes in her own body, I can’t imagine what kind of information you’re getting!

Kelly’s Story: In her early forties, things in Kelly’s body started to go awry. Even though her blood test results were normal, she experienced physical pain and was unable to sleep.   It wasn’t until she sought out holistic practices that Kelly learned how to balance her hormones. At the time, it was very difficult to obtain information on women’s health. Kelly’s experience was the catalyst for her decision to dedicate her dietician practice to women so they can get the information they need in one place.

As Ralph Emerson Waldo said, “Health is the first wealth.”  We all need women to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.  This could be one of the most important conversations you enter into in your lifetime.


There’s no quick fix! Just like in business, there is a notion that maintaining our health should be easy and many people look for instant results or a quick fix. What many people don’t realize is there are many myths about menopause.

Kelly gives us a clear and thorough explanation of the frustrating self-fulfilling prophecy that women find themselves in. Hint – it has to do with one of our most powerful hormones that’s keeping you wired and tired – cortisol.

Why even the most holistically inclined people need to check in with their medical doctor.

What happens when a woman expects too much, too quickly.

The role of self-care and boundaries play in achieving results.

What causes us to use food in an addictive way. The mind-body connection between nutrition, hormones and well-being.

What to say, and what not to say, if you’re concerned about the hormonal health of  someone you love.

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