Karen Haycox Next Right Step

Karen Haycox: Take the Next Right Step

CEO of Habitat for Humanity NYC Karen Haycox has a mantra – “Take the next right step”.

In this compelling interview, Karen Haycox shares how taking the next right step propelled her out of addiction to a new career, a new country and into her current role as CEO of Habitat for Humanity, New York City.

Listen to this episode to hear Karen Haycox share her perspective on:

  • How Karen’s identity and self worth were wrapped up in the work that she did as a film and television producer and now, non-profit leader.
  • And how that left her feeling unanchored when she was down-sized.
  • Why recovery has been one of the greatest gifts of her life.
  • The similarities between addicted thinking and depressed thinking.
  • Consider how we fill the gap between how others see us and how we perceive ourselves to be.
  • Life as a journey of self-care, consciousness and spirituality.
  • Things we will do to fill the gap between how others see us and how we perceive ourselves to be.
  • How taking the next right step led Karen to Habitat for Humanity in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and now, New York City.
  • Living as a married lesbian, and then a lesbian widow in a state that did not recognize same sex marriage, in a country that had just begun to recognize it.
  • How sharing her story led to Karen being published in the best-selling book Pantsuit Nation.
  • The power and peace of sharing your story.
  • Being present in everyday conversation.
  • The qualities of an authentic leader.
  • Strategies for emerging leaders to be effective.

Some of the memorable quotes Karen shares:

“If you do the right things, the right things will follow.”
“We can consider ourselves so unique that it can be lethal.”
“Of course we’re all unique…but there is almost nothing you can go through that someone else can’t relate to.”
“You don’t have to be the answer person. If anything the CEO should be the question person.”

Mentioned in this episode:

Book:  Pantsuit Nation, Libby Chamberlain

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