Self Care Intention Mindset

Self Care Mindset: It’s All About Intention

“Intention can turn a simple activity like going for a walk – or stopping to smell lavender – into an act of self-care.”

This week on the Free Your Inner Guru podcast it’s all about summer, self-care and mindfulness. Because the thoughts you have in your mind are the difference between true self care and just another thing you have to do.

Trust me, if anyone knows how to take something that is meant to be restorative and turn it into a chore, historically it’s been me! When I let myself get caught up in the doing, instead of enjoying the process, I become impatient and frayed at the edges. Less connected, and ultimately less of who I really am.

Can you identify with this?

Intention and a little self awareness makes can change that downward spiral. It’s been fun to shift the rhythm of my routine towards less screen time and more time to tune in to what restores my energy. Listen to this week’s (12 minute) episode to get in the summer of self-care vibe and find out a powerful question you can ask yourself to guide you on your self care journey.

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