Martha Henderson Real Gold is in The Journey

Martha Henderson: The Real Gold is in the Journey

Martha Henderson is an Olympian, keynote speaker, and host of the Rising Tides Speaker Series.

Martha Henderson represented Canada with her sailing team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. As an Olympian, the pursuit of excellence is in her blood. She is known for inspiring beliefs that you can achieve outcomes beyond your expectations.

In this conversation with Free Your Inner Guru host Laura Tucker, Martha shares her roller coaster ride to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, including what happened when her worst nightmare came true!

Martha also shares why she used to suppress her Olympic experience, and why she speaks about her story with people today.

Memorable quotes:

“When I started to explore all the elements that went into the Olympic journey, I started to realize that it’s a relatable story for people in any situation who have to reinvent themselves.”

“Your worst nightmare can come true. And you can still make your dream come true. I fell out of the boat!”

“Olympian is another word for expert. Someone who has dedicated time and effort to a singular thing.”

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