Lisa Mattam Ayurveda in Life and Business

Lisa Mattam: Ayurveda in Life and Business

Lisa Mattam is the CEO of Sahajan, an evidence-based natural skin care line based on the 5000 year old science of Ayurveda.

Lisa shares the milestones and the challenges of her journey from strategic consulting in the pharmaceutical industry to founding her own skin care line that reaches back to her family’s roots in southern India.

Moments before this interview, Lisa Mattam and Laura Tucker discovered they went to the same grade school in Toronto. This surprising common ground laid the foundation for a big conversation about doing your best to do life and business in alignment with your values.

Named by Profit Magazine as one of the Top Ten Emerging Women Entrepreneurs in Canada and recognized by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce as Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Lisa has become a thought leader in the areas of entrepreneurship, resilience, the advancement of women, and diversity.

Conversation highlights

  • How growing up as the lone Indian girl in school shaped Lisa’s sense of culture and tradition.
  • Lisa explains how Ayurveda helps you proactively manage your life’s path.
  • The story of how Lisa decided to integrate Ayurveda into her business.
  • The three surprising challenges Lisa Mattam faced in the three years since she launched Sahajan.  (The third one is shocking!)
  • Integrity, values and ethics in Sahajan’s business culture.
  • The heartbreak of realizing not everyone shares the same values as you, and what you can do about it.
  • The role of intuition in refining business and leadership skills.
  • Prioritizing purpose over profit:  How Lisa and Sahajan give back in partnership with Plan International’s Because I am a Girl Initiative. Your purchase of Lip Karma gives a girl in a developing country a day of school.

Mentioned in this episode

Book – The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

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