Sonya Cote We Are Here To Connect

Sonya Cote: We Are Here to Connect

Sonya Cote wants you to own your body and connect with others.

On this week’s episode of Free Your Inner Guru, Laura is joined by Sonya Cote.  Sonya is an actress, singer, speaker and author of I’m Not Naked (Anymore): Memoirs of a Contemporary Jezebel.

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, the stories of Sonya’s life center around creative self expression, and fully owning her body, while having fun in the process.  She is a vivacious and tenacious woman who embraces her journey and the wisdom she has accumulated along the way.

Sonya continues to work full time in the entertainment industry, teaching workshops and speaking to share the wisdom she has gained from her life experience.

Conversation highlights

  • Why Sonya calls herself a Contemporary Jezebel
  • There is always a path, even though we can’t always see it at the time
  • Perspective on sharing stories and the difference it makes in the world
  • Post #metoo – what has changed in relationships, the acting industry?
  • The real point of sharing your story.
  • How Sonya’s relationship with her mother was affected by the publishing of her book
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Taking responsibility, admitting mistakes and move forward anyway
  • The importance of human connection and community
  • Sonya’s current fitness competition – the next step in Sonya’s journey of the body
  • The role of discipline and how it spills into other areas of your life
  • Menopause and Sonya’s moment of “I’ve got to reinvent myself!”

Mentioned in this episode

Sonya’s Book – I’m Not Naked (Anymore): Memoirs of a Contemporary Jezebel

Website –

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