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Spot the Red Flags with Steve McCready

It’s a podcast swap! Steve McCready is our guest host, and I’m at the guest microphone.

Steve McCready is the host of The Sensitive Rebel podcast. He is here to interview me about life before, since, and lessons learned from my involvement in the self help industry and my involvement in “that sweat lodge.” Over on the Sensitive Rebel, you will find an episode called Laura Tucker Helps Steve Free His Inner Guru.

Steve McCready is a coach with a background as a psychotherapist. Steve and I share many interests including psychology, photography, and creativity.

After a couple of Zooms geeking out on art and gear, we had a “what if” conversation about interviewing each other. To shake things up, we decided to be guests on our own shows!

The timing is serendipitous. The 12th anniversary of the Sedona sweat lodge was October 8th. A dozen years later, I’m still peeling back layers of this experience and sharing them, but mostly on other podcasts!

Steve’s background as a therapist enables him to hone in on challenging topics with empathy. He speaks with authority to their impact on psychology and mental health, making him the perfect host for this conversation.

No joke, by the time we finished, I was tempted to title this episode “Would Someone Please Just Give Me a Red Flag?!?”

Conversation highlights:

  • Why I’m rebelling against the status quo in the self help industry.
  • Cult dynamics and toxic leaders in our current social environment.
  • The twists and turns of my journey that led me to “that sweat lodge.”
  • Creativity and photography – learning the rules in order to break them.
  • Societal pressure on women at certain ages from the patriarchal status quo.
  • The real secret of the North American self help movement. It’s steeped in privilege.
  • The rapacious nature of “sell them what they want, give them what you think they need.”
  • The clarity that’s come this past year, learning about indoctrination and cult dynamics.
  • Recognizing when we are getting swept away by our feelings, so we can actually see the red flags waving in our faces.

Mentioned in this episode:

Thank you, Steve for being a kind and empathetic host. My interview of Steve for episode 23 of The Sensitive Rebel is here

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