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Summer, Self Care and Embracing the Unexpected with Shaun Proulx and Laura Tucker

Happy Summer of Self Care!

Shaun Proulx:  What is the number one thing you did to get to the place you’re at now since we last saw you?

Laura Tucker:  I think it’s really been letting go of the idea of wanting to be who I was.

In this episode:

  • updates on the Free Your Inner Guru Podcast
  • the upcoming Summer of Self Care
  • Shaun Proulx interviews Laura and we uncover why “self care has been the ultimate answer for you.”

Shaun Proulx hosts Shaun hosts the glittery, thoughtful, weekly SiriusXM talk show, The Shaun Proulx Show, on CanadaTalks channel 167, a hotbed of ideas, thoughtful discussion, transformational entertainment, cheeky commentary and a magnet for celebrities and thought leaders including Bo Derek, Gayle King, Jann Arden, Betty DeGeneres, Tony Robbins, Melissa Etheridge, Rosie Perez, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Panache Desai, and more.

Key points

  • How repetition and practice increase your capacity for difficult emotions over time
  • The role of intentional self care in the journey to reclaim your voice
  • Learning to be resourceful and advocate for yourself as a form of self care.
  • The number one thing I did to get to the place I am now.
  • Why an integrated life is the best life.

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