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Avra Fainer: Performance in Everyday Moments

Avra Fainer is a performance and presentation coach who knows first hand the importance of becoming more self aware and sharing your story.

When Avra Fainer was at the peak of achievement in both acting and business, she experienced a severe challenge in the form of mental illness.

In this compelling conversation, Avra shares how her diagnosis with Bipolar 2 was an important step towards authentic self expression and healthy success.

Listen as Avra Fainer shares her perspective on:

  • Her love of performance as a child actor.
  • How acting became the foundation of her work as a performance and presentation coach.
  • What it’s like to watch someone go from shy and quiet to being able to use their voice and body to influence, and make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • The impact of performance and influence in everyday moments.
  • From driving force to mental illness, Avra shares the impact her mental illness had on her ability to function.
  • Her experience and symptoms of Bipolar 2 Disorder.
  • How today’s culture encourages grandiosity
  • The role self awareness played in becoming the healthy, functional, amazing person you can be.
  • The power of environment: the role relationships played in navigating back to wellness.
  • The power of storytelling: Why sharing your story makes you more memorable
  • Why “authentic” and “vulnerable” are more than buzzwords
  • Her response to people who think their story is not significant.
  • Two practical techniques and tools that will help you become more energized, present and confident.

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