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Ivanka Siolkowsky: The Life-Changing Power of Decluttering and Gratitude

Ivanka Siolkowsky, aka The Tidy Moose, shares her journey from classroom to closets in this compelling conversation about the power of your physical environment.

Ivanka Siolkowsky is a former elementary school teacher whose life was transformed when she began learning the many benefits of minimalism and organization.

“I had to control my surroundings to bring myself peace.”

At a time when she was struggling with her mental health, Ivanka was given Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up as a joke gift.  Reading it led her on a journey of exploration of the correlation between having a decluttered space and her mental health.

Ivanka is now a Kon-Mari certified professional organizer who brings compassion and insight into her clients’ homes.

Listen to hear Ivanka Siolkowsky’s perspective on these big ideas:

  • The correlation between organization and developmental growth.
  • Looking back at rock bottom, Ivanka …..
  • The consequences of being “hammered with consumerism”.
  • How Ivanka uses the Kon-Mari Method™ in her work and the most mind-blowing thing she learned from it.
  • The change in mindset from “what should I get rid of” to “what should I keep?”.
  • Why Ivanka created The Moose Method to work with children.
  • The one thing you must do when you de-clutter.
  • Why sentimental items are the last place to start when you organize.
  • Gratitude as part of the de-cluttering process
  • The energy of your “spark joy” items.  Hint – it’s different for everyone!
  • When teachers become a commodity: Laura and Ivanka discuss their respective departures from teaching.

Mentioned in this episode:

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Ivanka Siolkowsky, Declutter Your Way to Health, Wealth, and Freedom

Ivanka Siolkowsky, The Tidy Moose (children’s book)

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