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Christina Torres: Life is Short, So Make It Flipping Awesome

Christina Torres is a blogger, mother and best-selling author of Flipping Awesome:  The Art and Science of Perseverance, Self-Love, and Getting Your S#&% Together.

Christina Torres is on a mission to flip the script on painfully perfect womanhood and to empower women to embrace their truth and live out loud.

In this interview,  Christina shares how she went from living in a state of constant anxiety and lack to living her truth on her own terms.  When Christina embraced single motherhood and  it ended up being her truest blessing.

Listen to this episode to hear Christina Torres share her perspective on:

  • Breaking free of the fear of what others may – or may not be – thinking about you.
  • Stereotypes of motherhood.
  • A practical way to embrace the present by embracing self care.
  • How denying a part of yourself that is true sets up self loathing.
  • Kindness and compassion towards yourself as a form of self care.
  • The role culture and religion play in the way we think about ourselves as women.
  • Realizing you don’t have to do it all.

Memorable quotes from Christina Torres

“Life is too short not to live in your truth and not to live in love, and not to live doing whatever makes you feel happy and what makes you feel whole.”

“Self love and love in general is about truth. Living in self truth is a huge part of self love and self care.”

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