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Veronica Kirin: Stories of Elders – The Time to Listen is Now

Veronica Kirin is an entrepreneur, social anthropologist, and the author of Stories of Elders: What the Greatest Generation Knows About Technology that You Don’t.

The term “America’s Greatest Generation” was coined by Tom Brokaw in his 1998 Book The Greatest Generation. It refers to the generation that grew up in the Great Depression and came of age during the second world war.

Stories of Elders is an in-depth, charming and highly relatable look at how the lives of our elders have been shaped by technology, and how they think it’s affecting our lives today.

Despite her experience as a tech entrepreneur, Veronica turned to technology to raise the funds for her journey. However, Veronica didn’t rely on technology and sit at the computer or pick up the phone to gather her interviews. Powered by the success of her Kickstarter campaign, Veronica drove 11,487 miles across the United States to do the interviews live.

In Stories of Elders, Veronica Kirin makes a compelling case for why we must use technology with intent. We must become aware of our vulnerabilities, set boundaries, and realize that technology is a tool and it’s up to us to take responsibility and determine its impact.

Listen to this episode to hear Veronica Kirin share her perspective on:

  • From inspired idea to fruition:  how Veronica turned her inspiration into an authoritative book and documentary using Kickstarter and all of her entrepreneurial skills.
  • How Veronica’s personal experience of trauma influenced how she interacted with 100 elders who have lived through war and the escalating changes of the past decades.
  • Why it’s essential for Millenials, Gen Y and Gen Xers to read Story of Elders.
  • The impact of accelerated technology on communication and relationships.
  • War and politics – how radio, television and the internet have influenced the way we vote.
  • Technology and self care – how our elders are more intentional with their use and consumption of technology.
  • How Veronica’s experience and past roles are helping to create success for this book that she cares so deeply about!

Mentioned in this episode:

Book:  Veronica Kirin, Stories of Elders: What the Greatest Generation Knows About Technology That You Don’t

Website:  Stories of Elders –

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