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Suzanne Wylde: The Art of Coming Home

Suzanne Wylde is the author of The Art of Coming Home – Common sense self-development exercises to educate, inspire, and empower you.

Suzanne is an acupuncturist, holistic coach, and alternative therapist. She and I met online a number of months ago. Her pragmatic straightforward approach led to an invitation to come on Free Your Inner Guru for a deep dive.

We get into her varied experience and education, and the conversation lands on processing emotions.

It’s fitting. Emotions are running all over the place. They always are, but the COVID-19 roller ride coaster keeps going.

Suzanne has given me a link to share with you: an online version of chapter 9 in her book, Processing Our Emotions.

The focus on emotion raises the question – and creates an opportunity to begin to unpack an important question – How are we to discern what we pay attention to, and allow to influence our thoughts and behavior so that we don’t become vulnerable to undue influence?

I was asked yesterday and started writing a list based on my past experience.

The first thing I wrote was “be able to identify when your emotions are being activated – by external events, past triggers, or manipulative tactics.”

So here we are with an episode that touches on staying grounded, accepting what’s going on around us, even when we don’t like it, and processing emotion. Suzanne shares some tools that may be helpful as we each navigate our way forward.

If you’re struggling, I encourage you to connect with a professional – coach, therapist, doctor, and resist the temptation to isolate. We’re all human, after all. We need support and connection to help us through.

Conversation highlights:

  • What Suzanne means by “coming home,” and why she calls it an art.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of being “highly sensitive.”
  • Positivity and shadow work – the paradox of self help.
  • The problem of prescriptive leadership, and prescriptive coaching.
  • How empathy does not always lead to helping others.
  • Grounding, acceptance and processing emotion: topics from The Art of Coming Home that are relevant today.

Mentioned in this episode:

Preview chapter from The Art of Coming Home: Chapter 9 – Processing Our Emotions

Book – The Art of Coming Home: Common-sense self-development exercises to educate, inspire and empower you.

Science Direct article – Empathy and compassion

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