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Kim Chestney: Radical Intuition for Everyday People

Kim Chestney is a globally recognized author and innovation leader. Her new book is Radical Intuition – A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power.

I know you’re going to love this conversation with Kim Chestney! Radical Intuition introduces four archetypes of intuition – the Healer, Sage, Visionary, and Mystic – and includes self assessments and quizzes to help us understand our own natural intuition affinities.

We get right into the framework for intuition that Kim has developed – our five intuitive senses and four types of intuition, everyday questions like why our intuition speaks to us in the shower, and dive into the role intuition plays as we move beyond thinking into the age of imagination, creativity, and intuition.

Conversation highlights:

  • Why the best companies and leaders are using intuition to lead the way.
  • Why intuition cannot be wrong.
  • The four intuitive pathways: body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • The 4 Intuitions: Healer, Sage, Visionary, Mystic. Which intuition archetype are you?
  • The role of intuition in real – aka conscious – leadership.
  • Guidance to figure out the next step if you’re struggling right now.

Memorable quotes:

“Intuition speaks to us from the inside the same way the world speaks to us on the outside.”

“If youโ€™re going to be a real leader – have to be insightful – have to have empathy. These are things we havenโ€™t talked about in the past with the old leadership model.”

“Intuitionโ€™s sole job is to help us fulfill our potential and make ourselves and the world better.”

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